Friday, October 2, 2015

Rebel Rebel : Anti Style book

"Tracing the roots of rebel style to the music scene, this book explores how fashionable music and "anti-fashion" icons, like David Bowie, the Sex Pistols, and Gwen Stefani, have inspired fashion. Rebel style is all about wearing common or mundane items with a sense of creativity and irony. The classic leather jacket (think Brando or Joan Jett) remains a symbol of "outsider-dom," while jeans have been reimagined as a style centerpiece by every generation. The skirt is constantly being reappraised, whether it's mini, peasant, or frou-frou, to simultaneously celebrate and subvert images of femininity. Rebel, Rebel is the anti-style bible that will inspire the next generation of designers, fashionistas, and club kids alike" web site.

Keanan Duffty Grooming Kit

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Keanan Duffty live with Camp Freddy / Dave Navarro/Matt Sorum/Billy Morrison/Donovan Leitch

Keanan Duffty with International Swingers Live in San Francisco

Keanan Duffty Dr Martens Collaboration


Keanan Duffty Gola Collaboration