Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leigh Bowery

“Leigh Bowery, peripheral in the notion of art practice by combining dandyism and body art, reconstructed his image while performing ...he uses the expression of the 'other' to create a form of cultural lip-syncing transvestism.”

In 1993 Bowery formed the band Minty with friend and former 1980s knitwear designer Richard Torry, Nicola Bateman and Matthew Glammore. Their single "Useless Man" "Boot licking, tit tweaking useless man..." which was remixed by The Grid along with their twisted onstage scatological performances caused The Sun to describe them as the "sickest band in the world", of which Bowery was very proud.

Fashion collections:
"Hobo": New York Fashion Week. 1982.
"Pakis from Outer Space": Camden Palace for London Fashion Week. 1982/83.
"Mincing Queens": Institute of Contemporary Arts 'Performing Clothes' for London Fashion Week and The Hacienda Club, Manchester. 1984.
"Disease / Spastic": Riverside Studios and Earls Court for London Fashion Week. 1986.
Models: Models for these shows included old friends such as: Trojan (aka Gary Barnes, died 1987), David Walls, Peter Hammond (aka Space Princess, died 1993), Marc Vaultier (Mark Golding, died 1987), George Gallagher, James Payne, David LaChapelle, Jim McGuire, Robert McGuire, Sandra Cosijn, Dezi Campbell and Malcolm Duffy.

Reportedly one death bed pronouncement "Tell them I've gone pig farming in Bolivia", illustrates the gallows humour and dark irony that can be traced in much of his work. Among his last requests was that his middle name be unknown.

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