Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Minutes With Larry Tee

Larry Tee is a DJ, club promoter, and music producer who coined the musical genre term Electroclash and helped launch the careers of such artists as Scissor Sisters, Fischerspooner, Peaches, W.I.T., and Avenue D, and has collaborated with Amanda Lepore and Princess Superstar. In 1992, Tee co-wrote the RuPaul's top 40-hit "Supermodel (You Better Work)". Currently he is remixing for a range of artists including Lady GaGa and La Roux.

Q1. What was the first record you bought and what effect did it have on you?

Larry Tee: Omg, the first record I bought was Helen Reddy's 'Crazy Love' which is a true stinker! But the next two were 'Indian Reservation' by The Raiders and 'Henry The 8th' by the Herman's Hermits' maybe that can explain why I am living in london and such an anglophile...and they were both very visual groups, I would have to say!

Q2. What's the best club you've ever been to and why?

LT: Well, the Pyramid in the 80's had to have been the most exciting place I have ever been or maybe it was just the time. I remember seeing Madonna, and Andy Warhol there and been there when the Butt Hole Surfers played early, the Del Rubio Triplets, 3 Sixty old triplets that played banjos and sang Pet Shop Boys songs and Salvador Dali's transexaul friend International Chrysis all play on the same day! But Love Machine, my first club in NYC, also had a young Rupaul as MC and Lady Bunny as a host...with Linda, Christy, and Naomi always standing in a supermodel cluster...Tom Hanks, Sinead O'connor, New Order...that was a pretty amazing club too!

Larry Tee - Licky by deserteaglez

Q3. The first drug you ever took was....Did it change your life?

LT: First drug was alcohol and yes, it changed my life sadly. I was raised when people thought that drugs actually made you cooler, more creative, and one of the gang, which is true to a certain point. but I am an addict, clean for 13 years, of all drugs and alcohol and SOOOO happy about it. I have so much more fun now that I am clean and can actually make the music I always wanted to make...I dont regret my drug and alkie years, but I wish someone had told me that life could be better without! thanks NA!

Q4. Where do you find inspiration for your music?

LT: I can find inspiration for my music everywhere; on the train, the bus, at the grocery store, when I listen to old music, when I hear pop music on the television. when I am out dancing I often hear sonic ideas that I will try ot push farther with my own music or think I hear something in a song, only to realize, I hadn't heard what I thought I heard. hehehehe and then when I thought I heard, becomes a song. Mistakes and just writing down all my bad ideas, often lead to something brilliantly stupid and catchy!

Q5. Do you think that rapid information exchange via the Internet means that club culture can't develop away from the public eye anymore?

LT: Well, underground clubs will probably exist always, but it is harder to keep a secret for very long. I do find that big city cultures often dont appreciate great new dance music because they are spoiled with choices and can have it whenever they want it. In smaller towns they are crazy because they have to create their own fun and underground scene. That’s often a healthier place to create new ideas than big cities where everyone is encouraged to fit in and be like everyone else. and now with the new technology, everyone can be a DJ, so soon Djs are not going to impress anyone. get read for a time when DJs, like heavy metal acts, rockabilly stars, and doo wop acts are going to be the fringiest of fringe entertainment! I am ready! I am taking up pole-dancing!

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