Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 Minutes With Elisa Palomino

A native of Valencia Spain, Elisa Palomino attended St. Martin’s College in London where she earned her MFA in Fashion Design. Her résumé includes stints at Moschino and 8 years at Christian Dior. In 2008, Elisa moved to New York and worked as Vice President for Design at Diane Von Furstenberg. In Feb 2010, she launched her own line, debuting on the Big Apple’s catwalk during New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 season. The Elisa Palomino Spring / Summer 2011 collection is inspired by the myth of Persephone.

Q1. What was the first record that you bought and did it change your life?

'Madrigali Amorosi', Claudio Monteverdi with Emma Kirkby and Evelynn Tubb. Yes it changed my life indeed, it is one of the records I have played more over the years and it opened my mind to a whole new universe of Baroque music.

Q2. When you begin to design a new collection where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, mainly my eccentric female friends and their wardrobes (mainly 50 and over), I find most youngsters quite boring!!).
Also in my huge collection of Asian textiles...trips to far away destinations and their flea markets or listening to a wonderful Aria.

Q3. Do you think that today's emerging fashion designers and graduates are into it more for a career or is there still a love for pure design?

I think they have more business training, which is very helpful on the situation that we are living, but the pure love of art sometimes is missing! The balance between the two will help them to make an impact in the arts world, but also be successful in business.

Q4. Would you say you are a design evolutionist or a revolutionist?

We all try to do some kind of revolution in this world in one way or another. Mine is Subtle, but it is there!

Q5. How do you feel about Central Saint Martin's moving to Kings Cross?

I feel it is such a shame to loose such an emblematic location.
The walls of Charing Cross have so many memories written in them, and that is difficult to improvise in a brand new building! But I am sure the St Martins staff will soon make Kings Cross their own canvas and keep making generations of artists dreaming and producing the most amazing pieces of art.

Monteverdi - Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi: Altri canti d'Amor tenero arciero

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