Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Minutes With Miguel Reveriego

Miguel fell in love with photography at an early age. His parents sent him to the States for his senior year in High school, after which he took a course called "The Young the Snapshot" at NYU. Miguel then returned to his native Spain and began homing his skills by assisting local photographers. He came to London in 2003 to work as a studio assistant which led to him assisting Mert & Marcus. He has been on his own since September 2005. Miguel currently contributes to Acne Paper, Numero, Numero Homme, Harpers Bazaar US, Vogue Homme Japan, Vanity Fair US and V Magazine. Clients include Prada, Pollini, Viviene Westwood, Neiman Marcus, L’oreal, Uniqlo, Thierry Mugler, Karen Millen, Aveda and Wonderbra. Plus many celebrities including Liv Tyler, Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sienna Miller and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Q1. What was the first record you bought and what effect did it have on you?

My first record was Madonna's "Like a Virgin". I think it says it all, I was 9 years old…


Hair: Peter Gray/Make Up: Dele Olo/Styling: Marie Chaix.

Q2. When did you start taking photographs and who or what influenced you to do that?

My parents bought me a camera for my First Communion when I was 8, that was the start, I still have some of those pictures I took…..

Q3. What's your favorite picture in photographic medium?

Have a few favourite ones, but I remember Mapplethorpe's "Thomas and Amos" as it meant a lot when I saw it printed in one of my first visits to an exhibition at the beginning of the 90's

Q4. Do you think that rapid information exchange via the Internet means that photography is a more instant art form?

Internet has made everything more instant, not only photography, so definitely yes.

Q5. Give me a really crazy anecdote/story. Something that not many people will know about-could be about anything related to your work.

One of them was going to Havana, Cuba, last November for a shoot. The whole team were stranded in London, apart from the model and myself as we were coming from somewhere else. We went out and had the night of our lifes. When the team showed up, we had to do all the pictures in one day, which meant working for 26 hours….we did it, we can do anything!

Some current projects Miguel is working on include: Vanity Fair US, Vogue Germany and a Style Calendar in collaboration with Studio Baer. Reveriego is also working on a project on Cuba, going there for 6 weeks to work on it.

You can see more of Miguel Reveriego's work here:

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