Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Minutes With Lupe Voss

Lupe Voss is also founder and co-owner, along with her husband, Manuel, of the highly successful Julian August salon in Redlands, California. Lupe began her career as an educator in the Aveda Purefessional™. Thanks to her constant drive to find new ways with hair color, and her gifted education techniques, Lupe has been given the opportunity to travel the world educating colorists around the globe in how to make the most of their careers.

Lupe has taken part in numerous educational shows and events for Aveda, including Aveda Congresses and Master Jam events in the United States and Europe. She has played a key role in the creation of four Aveda Collections—which set hair color trends for the season. In addition, Lupe is responsible for creating the Hair Color Magic educational program, which teaches creative placement and the art of formulation for customized color. A gifted educator, a world-class colorist and a truly warm and caring individual, Lupe epitomizes the true spirit of inspirational education.

Q1. What was the first record you bought and what effect did it have on you?

I actually purchased one album and one 45 on my first buy. I saved for a year for Alice Cooper, “Goes to Hell” Album and grabbed Brother Johnson, “Strawberry Letter 23” 45! Looking back at the difference in music between the two, it really represents how eclectic my friends were then and how I carry that with me now. Back in 1977 I was 13 years old living on a small island in Portugal. It was a military base, Lajes Field AFB, and everyone new everyone. Music was a way of us all relating to each other and we turned to our music for “life” experience. We shared music as often as we could.

Q2. How did you develop your passion for hair?

Developing the passion for hair came from making people feel truly beautiful about themselves.
I take my perception of when I am doing a hair show of making that model look amazing for a 15 minutes presentation into my daily work. Our Guests that sit in our chair is my model and their life after I am finished with them is their runway. Whether it is the trip to the bank or to the market...

Q3. Tell me about your work with Aveda?

I have two roles with Aveda. First, as an Aveda Concept Salon owner for 22 years in Redlands California…
Second, I work with Aveda as a Guest Artist and Hair Color Trainer for Hair Color. I train at the New York Advanced Academy in SoHo and travel globally for the company. From Asia to Europe and all through the USA.
I created a course for Hair Colorist to formulate creatively using the Aveda Hair Color; the course is called Hair Color Magic. It is a methodology of creating a predictable color end result. (Haircolormagic.net)

Q4. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration for my work from participants who take the Hair Color Magic course and Johanas Itten book, “The Art of Color: the subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color".
The participants in the courses I teach ask the best questions and make me think about color and why it does what it does. If I cannot answer the question I am on a quest for the answer. Chemistry of hair color is fascinating and how it works.
Johanas Itten philosophy on color changed the way artist work with color and put names to what pallets we work with. His insight on what color does and how it works is amazing. It is a book I refer to constantly.

Q5. How do you think rapid information exchange via the Internet has effected the hair and beauty business?

The Internet has effected the hair and beauty industry in a positive way. We have our own social networking pages; Hairbrained.me, HighLights.com, & Behindthechair.com to name a few. The Internet allows me to connect with other people in my industry and network. We have a hair Color Magic group on Hairbrained.me with 720 members to date. I stay connected to participants who have taken the course and help them through challenges they have with formulation.
The internet has changed our industry. We have information and inspiration at our finger tips. The new talent out there are so updated on "what is what" and "who is who"... It really has helped keep this old girl informed!


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