Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffalo Style - Ray Petri, Jamie Morgan, Cameron McVey.

Buffalo is the legacy of stylist Ray Petri who worked collectively and closely withphotographers Jamie Morgan, Cameron McVey (of the short lived Cameron McVey pop duo), Roger Charity, Marc LeBon, Kate Garner and many others. Ray Petri took influences from New York Street Style, Reggae Culture, East End Boxers, Jamaican Rude Boys, British Mods and American Military styles. The resulting collaborations were presented under the 'Buffalo' tag.

The Buffalo photo shoots for THE FACE regularly featured the brothers Nick Kamen and Barry Kamen ‘Looking Hard In The Yard’.Some of these images had a very influential and lasting effect on menswear design and presentation.

All Images form THE FACE magazine circa 1984.

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