Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Minutes With Beatrixe

Based in New York City, BEATRIXE was founded by three European partners arriving from diverse backgrounds in investment banking, marketing and design. After their graduation from Brown University, NYU and Parsons School of Design they partook in a variety of branches of fashion for several years before coming together to introduce their line. Launched for Fall 2010, BEATRIXE collections consist of luxurious blouses made of soft romantic silks, free-flowing dresses, unique mini skirts, body hugging biker pants, cashmere and wool knits and paper thin shorts combined with leather details. The signature BEATRIXE palette is neutral, touched with pastel colors and revived by various tones every season. Understated, cool and polished, BEATRIXE brings day to night, casual chic to sensual chic. BEATRIXE, meaning a voyager through life in Latin, is evolving in the upcoming seasons to create a complete world for the BEATRIXE woman.

Q1.What was the first song or record you bought that really changed your life?

Guns N' Roses, appetite for destruction.

Q2. How did the two of you meet and what inspired you to start the Beatrixe line?

We are childhood friends and after college, at some point we started working at Devi Kroell together, but we always wanted to start our own line. It took a while to come up with a business plan, to find an investor and actually start designing!

Q3. You are both originally from Turkey. Many international brands are producing in Turkey for its high quality manufacturing combined with competitive pricing. Do you feel we have now entered a time when the snob appeal of for example 'Made in Italy' is passe?

I feel like we have seen enough of economic crisis in the last decade to understand the value of competitive pricing. China is usually not a good solution for small or mid-sized high quality manufacturing for younger brands. So the importance of having an alternative way of production is really important for us. Many of the established brands are also using Turkish manufacturers now, as with some of them we use the same places.

Q4. What is the concept behind your collection?

It's a contemporary line with a designer aesthetic. Young, chic, understated and feminine. Luxurious fabrics, clean lines and the use of colors are very important.

Q5. Where do you see the brand in ten years time?

Beatrixe has grown tremendously in the last year, since we started the brand. We are taking it step by step and enjoying having to design more every season.

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