Thursday, September 29, 2011

Central Station Design

Clockwise from top left: The Happy Mondays' 1990 album, Bummed (FAC 220); 1991's Jude Fudge single artwork (FAC 332); Cover of Black Grape's album It's Great When You're Straight Yeah; Wrote For Luck (FAC 212) – all part of Central Station's Factory sleeves.

Central Station consists of Karen Jackson and brothers Pat and Matt Carroll. The Carrolls were steeped in the technical proficiencies of graphic design and typography: Pat and Matt had both attended Salford Technical college earning graphic design degrees from the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.
“We did a year of art foundation followed by three years of graphic design,” recalls Pat. “This was in the late 70s when it really was a technical college,” he adds. “There was a guy called Brian who ran a letterpress and he had huge trays of type which we learned how to hand-set, doing all the leading and kerning. We’d have races to see who could set a block of type the quickest without making mistakes.”

Now That's What I Call Graphic Design.

Sweet-wrapper-tastic sleeve for the Mondays' Pills'n'Thrills'n'Bellyaches album (FACT 320)

Ken Dodd painting from the Playmates series.

Barbara Windsor, as she appeared in the Playmates series.

The portrait of Shaun Ryder that was cropped to form the cover of Bummed.

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