Monday, October 17, 2011

PX Helen Robinson and Steph Raynor

I designed a few hats for Helen Robinson and Steph Raynor's PX store in Endell Street, Covent Garden, London in 1982 (pictured above). These were the first designs I ever sold at retail. PX was the premier New Romantic boutique and former haunt of Visage vocalist Steve Strange who worked there for 2 or 3 years. I worked in the store as a 'Saturday boy' in 1983 and 1984. My friend Rosemary Turner got me the job. Rose managed the PX shop and did the door of the Steve Strange and Rusty Egan's Camden Palace. By that time Steph Raynor had left the business, though he had been the catalyst in opening the store. Raynor had been a part owner of Acme Attractions, and later BOY, two Kings Road boutiques that in the early 1970s were places where many punk musicians hung out. PX was part of the next wave of London boutiques that lead the way in street fashion.

The first PX shop was in James Street, Covent Garden, and opened in September 1978. It was very hi-tech and many of the shop fittings allegedly came from MI5 when their Curzon Street office was demolished. There was a television screen outside and the PX sign flashed on and off like an exit sign. The clothes were military inspired and often called the 'Toy Soldier' look.

Helen Robinson Photographed by Nick Knight in 1986.

Steve Strange Photographed by Janette Beckman.
Steve Strange, from his autobiography 'Blitzed!'.
Steve Strange in PX Clobber.

Later the store moved to Endell Street and had a more romantic look. Julia Fodor (Princess Julia) worked at this store and Stephen Jones had his millinery business in the basement of the Endell Street shop.

The Amazing Stephen Jones at PX in Endel Street.

The PX 'Paint Your Wagon' look.

Stripes and Sports wear in 1984

PX Ad from The Face 1985

A photo history of PX from The Face magazine.
Photo from a feature in The Sunday Times Magazine: "Why London Has It Made", featuring PX clothes. 1984. Keanan Duffty on the right.
Keanan Duffty in PX Hood-1982. "How Very Dare You!"

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