Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Minutes With Eve Kitten

Eve Kitten, the creation of artist and designer Nancy Bacich is a fashionably drawn icon in cartoon form. Her glamour-fueled tales follow Eve's escapades in Gotham.

Q1-Which song or record has really changed your life?
EK: "If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly and the Family Stone, when I was a little girl I used to do "runway" in my mother's lingerie to this song, the beat was great and Sly's voice was hypnotic. Made me the lingerie super hero I am today.

Q2-If you could team up with another super hero or heroine who would it be?
EK: Of course it would be the original Cat Woman Julie Newmar, she is a fierce beauty and a great dancer. The Cat Woman and the Kitten...meow.

Q3-You've had a lot of success teaming up with Stephen Knoll for his hair care line in Japan. How did that come about?
EK: My dandy friend Patrick McDonald introduced us and when Stephen was looking for a New York artist to collaborate for his seasonal ad campaign my comic style was purr-fect for Japan.

Q4-Jason Wu helped you leap from being a 2D page to a 3D doll. What's the story behind that?
EK: Jason started with a doll company, he loved the edginess of Eve Kitten and her lingerie style and he interpreted her lace mask right down to the brick boots, just like they were illustrated.

Q5- Can we look forward to an Eve Kitten movie in the future?
EK: Yes! Love to see if Sly can do the theme song.

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