Monday, January 30, 2012

Bleecker Bob's record store re-opens inside Starbucks?

Bleecker Bob's - the classic record store located at 118 Third Street in New York's Greenwich Village since 1968, is going out of business and will be replaced by a Starbucks. So here's an idea-how about Starbucks goes into business with small local stores and leases them space inside the Starbucks that replaces them? That way, everyone wins. Our great cities don't become totally homogenized with all of the same boring corporate store fronts and Starbucks still gets to make more money. How about it Howard Schultz? Pick up that gauntlet.

1 comment:

  1. Unfkingbelievable. I worked for Bleecker Bob when he opened a shoppe on Melrose Avenue back in the early 90s. I also hung out at this particular original shoppe when touring through NYC. Bob is an exceptional hip dude & it's a shame to read about this travesty. As Record Store Day will soon again come upon us, there should be some organization that can help re-locate this New York landmark. Starbucks has no idea how fked up this is what they're about to do to all ov us vinyl warriors.