Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Minutes With Charlie Green.

Make Up Artist Charlie Green.

Q1. What was the first record that you owned that had a life changing effect on you?

CG: 'Diamond Dogs'-Bowie. The Album artwork, the lyrics, raw rebellion, early anarchy. I was at school and played it on vinyl and cassette! To this day I love it and dance around doing air guitar always.

Q2. How did you become involved in the beauty business?

CG: By default. I was working in fashion for a clothes designer and met Boy George and wanted to paint faces after that. I started in London then moved to Paris where I was lucky enough to work with mind blowing photographers, beautiful designers and amazing stylists and models-hard work but they could encourage creativity and individual style.

Q3. You've worked with many music industry icons. How different is creating beauty looks for a performer as opposed to editorial looks for fashion?

Models are Chameleons and morph into different looks daily thanks to the clothes, different make up, hair and lighting. Some performers have an image they need to stick to; others love to change. We work according to their wishes, it's always a team effort.

Q4. You were the mentor for Lifetime television's 'Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist' alongside Hal Rubenstein and Vanessa Marcil. How close was the show in portraying the reality of the beauty industry?

CG:Blush was a blast to work on and shoot and I met some very creative people on both sides of the camera. However the nature of TV is essentially entertainment and not real life at all. I think the public are swamped with so-called 'reality' shows and forget that a 25 minute episode is the product of 48 hours of shooting many varied situations and very careful editing, to result in an episode contrived to capture your attention and is more about sensationalism than the truth. Having said this I conclude 'Blush' to be a better representation of the beauty industry than other heavily advertiser orientated fashion/beauty TV shows.

Q5. Any good celebrity stories that you can share?

People sit down in my make up chair and spill their secrets.-it's maybe because we work so close to them that they feel secure, then there are no boundaries. I have seen some salacious behavior from a 'variety of people' such as a classless 'super model' who was too lazy to walk to the bathroom when on set and insisted in pissing in paper cups that the poor studio assistant had to pick up and dispose of...and my personal favorite is the legendary rock star who arrived at our shoot strung out and 9 hours late (no big deal) and snorted "powdered asprin" continuously . But the best line was when the hair dresser spilled a bottle of powdered dry shampoo and the rock star eagerly chopped it up into a line and snorted it!

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