Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keanan Duffty x Dylan Jones - 1984

By Keanan Duffty, November 2013.

In 1984 I was photographed in London for I.D. magazine by the wonderful Marc LeBon, wearing a plastic Ziggy Stardust style jump suit, full make up and diamond sneakers. On the opposite page was Dylan Jones, now the Editor of British GQ, wearing a striped satin Jean Paul Gaultier smoking jacket, white gloves, spats and carrying a silver topped cane. The strange thing is, at the time our outfits were not considered unusual. Most of our contemporaries dressed like that. Everyone in London’s nightclub culture dressed like that. You were weird if you didn’t. The ‘de Rigueur’ attire for any self respecting trendy came from a handful of boutiques scattered around London.

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