Friday, July 3, 2015

My Freedamn

My Freedamn is the bible amongst vintage fashion freaks and designers. This series of books by Rin Tanaka was first released in Spring 2003. Tanaka was already a popular author among vintage motorcycle jacket fans, but new titles featuring a history of American vintage t-shirts, made super big impact on worldwide fashion industry.  Tanaka quickly sold over over 16,000 copies by 2011. 
The books featuring amazing samples from old surf, skate, motorcycle, hot rod cults With such rare t-shirt product photos, Tanaka has added lots of excellent lifestyle portrait photos of famous 'hip-stars' like Joe Tudor (surf), Tony Alva (skate), Bud Ekins (Motorcycle), Billy Gibons (Z.Z. Top). This is must to check title for any fashion and culture-oriented people.
Rin Tanaka on the right

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