Friday, March 11, 2016

David Bowie - 'Strangers When We Meet' CD


Target Release Bowie Cd To Mark New Duffty Range

We scavenge up our clothes...

Check out the press release section for everything you need to know about a new range at Target designed by Keanan Duffty. The limited-edition men's collection is called Bowie by Keanan Duffty, and you've probably guessed from whence Keanan drew his inspiration...

"David Bowie has always brought left field ideas to mainstream pop culture and has defined his own unique aesthetic and personality," Duffty said. "Target strives to bring creativity and individuality to its guests, making this collection a perfect fit."

To mark the occasion, Target will be selling the above exclusive 6-track compilation CD which will be displayed alongside the fashion collection. The CD, entitled Strangers When We Meet, will retail for $4.99 and features tracks from current, forthcoming and proposed Virgin/EMI David Bowie catalogue releases.

Here's the tracklisting...

01 - The Jean Genie (Live) from 'Santa Monica '72'
02 - Strangers When We Meet from 'The Buddha of Suburbia' New Edition Package (Out now)
03 - Oh! You Pretty Things from 'Hunky Dory' Collector's Special Edition CD
04 - Word On A Wing (Live) from 'Nassau Live '76'
05 - Always Crashing In The Same Car from 'Low' Collector's Special Edition CD
06 - Young Americans (Live Audio) from 'Glass Spider' Live Tour DVD (Out now)

This is a very limited release, and though we're hoping to get our hands on five contest copies, it would be advisable to snap one up if you see them in stores. I don't think they will be available online.

I should also point out that the four tracks from 'forthcoming and proposed' releases in the above tracklisting, are really no indication that these releases are on the horizon or that they will even definitely see the light of other words, please don't expect any firmer release dates in the near future.

Don't forget you can read more about Keanan Duffty's Bowie range in the press release section.

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