Monday, September 27, 2010

Sex Pistols High Times cover October 1977

High Times was founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade of the Underground Press Syndicate. High Times was originally meant to be a joke, "a one-shot lampoon of Playboy. Like Playboy each issue contains a centerfold photo, but instead of a nude woman, High Times typically features a choice grade of cannabis plant. In addition to high-quality photography, High Times featured cutting-edge journalism covering a wide range of topics including politics, activism, drugs, sex, music and film.

In 1977 Tom Forcade aligned himself and the magazine with the New Wave. Blondie were featured on the cover of the June 1977 issue and Johnny Rotten was the cover star for October of that year. The Rotten picture was taken by Mick Rock and Forcade filmed the Sex Pistols for his DOA movie. Also included in the High Times Sex Pistols' issue was a statement made by Patti Smith following a cancelled WNEW-FM broadcast of the Patti Smith Group.

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